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This live register displays the current NZGAP certification status for growers, grower groups, packhouses, transporters, wholesalers, and contractors. Businesses can be searched by NZGAP number or trading name and can be filtered by programme and certification status. Results can also be sorted by clicking on the column heading  (e.g. Anniversary Date).

Status Guide

Waiting for Audit 


- Registered for NZGAP certification but not yet audited 

Pending Audit Outcome  


- Audit complete and currently resolving any non-compliances

Fully Approved


- Compliant and Certified



- Anniversary/Approval date has passed and not yet renewed for coming year



- Certification paused on business request (e.g. no crop this year)



- Issue with certification which has yet to be resolved (e.g. non-compliance found during audit)



- No longer certified (e.g. sold business)